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The 3 Innovations of the Future Search Engine

The 3 Innovations of the Future Search Engine

We unlock our smartphone 150 times a day, mainly to access the search engine and do research in relation to a question we have.

The number of searches is increasing exponentially, in 1990 there were 1,000,000,000 annual searches on Google, today that number is 1,204,500,000,000,000. (Source: Google).

The way to do this research has not changed much; We use our fingers to fill in the keywords via a real or virtual keyboard. However, in the near future, this will change considerably thanks to technology and the emergence of three new ways of searching.

1. The voice

The convergence of connected tools towards a single screen is accompanied by a new function: Speech.

On the remote controls of modern television screens, we see a button often symbolized on a microphone which allows, after activation, to act by voice. On smartphones or search engines, this function gives satisfactory results with an increasingly reduced error rate.

In 2013 the error rate was 23%, in 2015 it fell to 8%, the rate observed for keyboard searches. This phenomenon will extend to all the connected objects that surround us.

In the automotive sector, for example, Ford plans to equip all its 2017 models with voice command functions.

For community managers, this means that the referencing of websites will change. The referenced keywords will no longer be the same. Indeed, for the same query through a search engine, we do not use the same words between oral and written expression.

It also means that we will work more and more while making noise; our voice, while protecting us from external noise interference, could disrupt search efficiency.

Will our dear "open space" be doomed in the long term?

Not necessarily because the next or complementary technology, already tested, is the gaze.

2. Visio

Thanks in particular to virtual glasses, our vision will allow us to carry out research.

They will analyze our gaze but also what we are looking at. Thus, they will scan a product present in front of our eyes and will instantly offer us to acquire it directly on the web; What old-fashioned traditional stores

With our eyes we can also guide our action on a screen and validate it with a blink of an eye. By this technology our research on the net could no longer be done by keywords but by key images.

Here again, the referencing methods would be totally modified.

3. Predictive researc

Finally, the most spectacular innovation is surely predictive research. It consists of anticipating our research on the web before we even act. Imagine, a small box placed in the center of your living room table and which analyzes your conversation.

You chat with passing friends and at one point you offer to stay for dinner and eat pizza. The box will immediately offer you a list of pizza delivery people. After your agreement, he will place the order himself at the store by ordering your favorite pizzas (the ones you order most often).

For predictive search to work, the system needs to have a very important information base about you. We are already seeing the debates on the individual freedoms that this will arouse and the fears of a world where “Big Brother” would offer us actions, before we even thought about it.

It may sound like science fiction, yet these three methods work today at more or less advanced stages. But no matter how search engines evolve, we know that effective SEO techniques for sites today will be obsolete tomorrow.

It is up to each community manager to adapt and train.

Whole Life insurance, What and How?

Whole Life insurance, What and How?

Words of life insurance are already familiar in the ears. And You may also involuntarily never heard about whole life insurance. Then, arises the question mark what is the insurance of the soul's lifetime.

However, it pass you by because of the lack of information obtained, so that You still haven't are interested to give it a try. For those of You who know more, here is an explanation of whole life insurance, starting from the definition to the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the type of protection provided, so that could be a consideration and can use it well.

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1. What it is Whole Life Insurance?

Have You ever heard of whole life insurance? Yup, it is a term of Whole Life Insurance.

Whole life insurance is a type of insurance that provides protection to the participants of a lifetime or a maximum of up to 100 years old. Of course this could be a consideration as to whether to take a whole life insurance. Therefore, the average age a person quite rarely can reach up to 100 years.

Even so, we certainly never know until when it will survive life, isn't it? Because it is beyond human control. Therefore, there is no harm in preparing all the things possible in the future.

The core of the whole life insurance is to provide coverage to the heirs of the participant on the date the participant died. So the family will not experience distress and hassles of financial problems at a later date.

This is important, especially if there are family members that require a fee. Of course this type of insurance is quite beneficial to follow.

And whole life insurance is considered more appropriate followed by participants aged about 40 years and above. Why? Because insurance is focused on providing protection if there is risk of death and the insured wants to leave a legacy to heirs.

In addition, this insurance can be used as Education funds, pension funds, and others, of the cash value accumulated and set as a goal at the beginning when applying for life insurance for the rest of this life.

2. Types Of Whole Life Insurance Policies

Whole life insurance has some type of policy, including:

The policy of the soul directly (Straight life policy)

In this policy, the premiums will be paid until the insured dies or up to the age of 100 years. So the value of the cash will be formed during the policy lasts or the equivalent amount of the basic sum assured when the participant reaches the age of 100 years. If participants still living up to the age limit, then the value of the sum assured will be paid, and insurance protection automatically stops.

The policy of the soul a lifetime payment limited (Limited-payment whole life insurance)

Type of policy is aimed at people who want to have the protection of a lifetime, but don't want to pay a premium for a lifetime. In other words, the premium can be paid within a certain period of time or until the participant was certain. Likewise, insurance coverage continues for a lifetime. So that the premium payment is done in less time.

The policy does not participate

In this policy, if the insured person dies, the heirs will get basic sum assured with a limited number. There is no element of the bonus from the insurance company. Only limited to the premium paid course.

Polis participate

This policy allows insurance companies to share profits with the participants, with note there is an additional premium. So the participants will receive an additional bonus every year. The amount of the amount of the bonus can not be guaranteed for certain, because it depends of the profits of the insurance company.

After knowing the definition of whole life insurance, next is advantages and disadvantages of this insurance. What?

How to File a Non-Effective Taxpayer Application

How to File a Non-Effective Taxpayer Application

One thing that is of concern as taxpayers, including entrepreneurs, is the obligation to pay taxes. For novice entrepreneurs, concerns often arise about how the tax obligations when their business is closed. Should an entrepreneur still do tax reporting? Or are there other provisions governing this matter?

The state has anticipated this problem so that entrepreneurs do not need to worry. For entrepreneurs who are no longer active in running a business, they can submit an ineffective taxpayer application.

Quoted from, non-effective taxpayers previously regulated in SE-60 / PJ / 2013, have now been amended in SE-27 / PJ / 2020 regarding technical instructions for implementing NPWP administration, Electronic Certificates and Taxable Entrepreneurs (PKP) confirmation. .

For legal certainty and improving services, there is a Regulation of the Director General of Taxes Number PER-04 / PJ / 2020 concerning Technical Guidelines for Administrative Implementation of Taxpayer Identification Numbers, Electronic Certificates, and Taxable Entrepreneur Confirmation.

So, what is the process for submitting a none-effective application for the taxpayer?

Thereare several stages that need to be passed. However, before submitting an ineffective application, make sure beforehand that your status as an entrepreneur meets the following criteria.

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Non-Effective Taxpayer Criteria

Taxpayers who can be designated as Non-Effective Taxpayers are Taxpayers who meet the following criteria: 
  • Individual taxpayers who run a business or independent work, but actually no longer carry out business activities or do no longer do independent work.
  • Individual taxpayers who do not run a business or independent work and whose income is below taxable income.
  • Individual Taxpayers who reside or are abroad for more than 183 (one hundred and eighty three) days within a period of 12 (twelve) months and do not intend to leave Indonesia permanently.
  • Taxpayers who submit applications for write-off and have not issued a decision.
  • Individual married woman taxpayers who already have a different NPWP from their husbands and do not intend to fulfill their tax obligations separately.
  • Individuals who have an NPWP as family members or dependents, namely NPWP with branch codes "001", "999", "998", and so on.
  • Government Treasurer Taxpayers who no longer meet the requirements as taxpayers because they have no longer made payments and have not yet eliminated their NPWP.
  • Taxpayer whose address is not known or found again.
After ensuring your Taxpayer status meets the above criteria, the next step is to apply for ineffective through the steps below.

Application Procedure for Submission to Become a Non-Effective Taxpayer

SE-27 / PJ / 2020 states that this NE application can be submitted using the Non-Effective Taxpayer Determination Application Form and can be submitted in the following ways:
  1. To apply to become a Non-Effective Taxpayer, first fill out the Application Form for Determination of Non-Effective Taxpayers starting from the type of determination of the NE Taxpayer, identity, reasons, and others.
  2. Come directly to the Tax Service Office (KPP) where the taxpayer is registered directly or through KP2KP, while carrying the required documents and a signed application letter.
  3. By post, or courier service company with due observance of the required documents.

 Here's how to fill in the form, namely:

1. Types of Determination of Non-Effective Taxpayers:

  • Cross mark (x) on the WP Application box if the form is filled out and signed by the WP, or;
  • Assignment by Position box if the form is filled in and signed by the Officer.

2. Research Report Number:

Filled with the number of the Research Report that underlies the determination of the Non-Effective Taxpayer

3. Taxpayer Identity

Tax ID number:

To be completed with the NPWP number of the WP submitting the application for the determination of the Non-Effective WP or the WP which is determined ex officio.

The name of the taxpayer:

Filled with the name of the WP submitting the application for the determination of the Non-Effective WP or WP who is determined in ex officio as written on the NPWP Card or registered Certificate (SKT).

The degree is written in the event that the Individual WP has a degree.

4. Reasons for Application for Determination of Non-Effective Taxpayers

Filled with a cross mark (x) in the box that corresponds to the reason for the determination of the Non-Effective Taxpayer.  If you choose another reason, the explanation of the reason should be written clearly.

5. Statement

Quite clear.

How to Change Non-Effective Taxpayer Status to be Active Again

If on a business trip that has been stopped, it turns out that it can operate again, the taxpayer can apply for reactivation of his taxpayer status.  To reactivate the Non-Effective NPWP, you must come directly to the tax office then fill in the NPWP reactivation form.

The process took place right away.  So, you can immediately use your NPWP the next day.  Taxpayers who apply for reactivation must meet the following criteria.
  • There is data and / or information indicating that the Taxpayers who have been designated as Non-Effective Taxpayers no longer meet the criteria as Non-Effective Taxpayers.
  •  Reactivation in an office by the Directorate General of Taxes because there is data or information related to the taxpayer.

Non-Effective NPWP No Need to Report Annual Tax Return

If the NPWP is inactive, you are not required to report the Annual Tax Return, either manually or online.  In other words, the obligation to report the Annual Tax Return has also been terminated.

Understand the Taxpayer's Non-Effective Submission Process

Taxpayers who will apply for non-effective taxpayers need to understand the procedures and requirements needed to run smoothly in the process.  In addition, taxpayers also need to understand the benefits and disadvantages of changing this status.

If your NPWP is already inactive, all tax obligations will be suspended so that you are not obliged to pay or report taxes.  There will also be no penalties for not paying or reporting taxes.

On the other hand, if the NPWP is inactive, all tax transactions related to your NPWP number will not be processed.  This is very detrimental if it turns out that you are still using the NPWP for transactions with your partners in the business of trying to reopen the business that was closed.

Best Accounting Programs for Startup Businesses

Best Accounting Programs for Startup Businesses

When you build a company, you have to carry out the accounting process for business continuity. Maybe you are trying to avoid dealing with numbers on a business or you don't know how to use and operate an Excel sheet.

You don't need to be afraid of Numbers. You can be good at processing numbers, making, and understanding financial reports. In making financial reports, use an accounting program that suits your business needs.

In starting a business, you have to consider the sales, capital, and expenses in day-to-day operations. When there is a flow of sales to your company, you need to record transactions, such as accounts receivable and payable in a general ledger.

As a start-up, you'll be busy hiring, finding a good office, dealing with permits, setting up a business, and keeping track of sales. The last thing on your mind is examining the pile of receipts, invoices, bills, and expenses on your desk.

You don't need to worry anymore if you use an accounting program that can handle all of these accounting processes. In a day, there may be hundreds of transactions taking place, you have several options such as processing through Excel , but the fastest and most efficient way to handle accounting is to use an accounting program.

#Benefits of the Accounting Program

For start-up business people with limited human and financial resources, you may need to double up as an impromptu accountant or do bookkeeping. To facilitate this, it is recommended to use an accounting program to record transactions.

With the bookkeeping process, you can understand cash flow in real-time. In order to make effective and efficient bookkeeping, you must be familiar with the various accounting software that has been selected for use in business. Thus, in this article, we will outline the best accounting programs for startups.

#4 Benefits of Accounting Software

Benefits of having Accounting Software

  • Automatically calculates journal entries for the Balance Sheet and Income Statement.
  • You can easily transfer data to your Accountants and Auditors.
  • The accountant program has features and functions that are useful for analyzing business and performing financial analysis. It can also provide advice on the financial performance of your business.
  • Your journal entries, drafts, invoices, and financial reports can be automatically printed in a good and professional format. This can be used by your accountant or for the auditor to read.

How to Choose the Best Accounting Software?

There are various accounting software that can be used for your accounting needs. The 3 main types of accounting programs are listed below.

1. Integrated Database Accounting Program

This type of system is used by multi-million dollar companies or large corporations and corporations. Data is more secure because companies need to have large databases to install this type of software.

Device ERP Oracle included in this category. One needs to recruit systems experts and systems consultants to install and get this type of software operational in your company.

Basically, this type of software can handle financial management, more complex tasks, large networks and complex accounting functions.
  • Target: Large companies, banks, multinational companies
  • Advantages: Flexibility, Security, Ability to handle complex accounting tasks
  • Weaknesses: Expensive, High Cost for Maintenance.

#2. Desktop Accounting Program

In areas where internet connections are slow and limited, businesses can take advantage of accounting software on CD or DVD that you need to install on your desktop or laptop.

Target: Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Advantages: Easy to install, most accountants can use it
Cons: Difficult to customize, difficult to use in many locations, limited number of PCs that can use the software due to manufacturer restrictions, data is only available on your computer or laptop and is not available online and cannot be shared online with others

#3. Cloud Accounting Program

This accounting software is available online and data can be accessed via the Internet or Cloud. An example of a cloud type accounting software is Accurate Online.

Target: SMEs, startups, and medium businesses
Advantages: Cheaper, your data is available online and can be accessed anytime and anywhere, you can link it with your bank account
Weaknesses : Requires socialization in terms of functionality, requires an internet connection.


Choose an accounting program that suits your business needs. Research, study and try the best-featured accounting software for your business now, and as your business grows bigger.

Accounting software is essential to the continuity and effectiveness of your business and makes numbers easier to manage and easier to understand. By making use of accounting software, you can create more professional and comprehensive financial reports that are indispensable in any business.

For startups, Accurate Online is the best choice. You can try Accurate Online for free for 30 days to learn about its full features.

Accurate Online is a cloud-based accounting program that allows you to easily create and manage financial reports anywhere and anytime. Of course, you can use Accurate Online on any device, not only on your computer in your office.

Challenges in the Middle of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution in Your Accounting System

Challenges in the Middle of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution in Your Accounting System

With the growth rate of work interest and along with the 4.0 industrial revolution, accounting practices are under pressure and are competing in the war for the best talent. The challenge is, your business is not only trying to attract new and competent professionals, but also to retain your current employees, and this is a difficult thing.

Creating a new wave of opportunity in the industry, professional services such as accountants ranked highest in terms of staff turnover in 2018 This is based on data taken from half a billion LinkedIn users .

In the 4.0 industrial revolution the need for professional talent is higher, hiring the right people with the right skills and creating a culture that allows them to thrive, will be the keys to the success of every corporate accountant.

Here are three business steps your company can take to attract and retain the best accountants for you:

Accept and Continue to Adapt to the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Openly accepting and implementing changes in the accounting profession can help companies to retain and get the best accountants.

Currently, the role of accountants is not only as a number cruncher that is bound by deadlines by just hanging behind a desk. Moreover, accountants serve as a trusted source of financial information and strategic advisors. With this in mind, it is important to position your company as one that understands and supports that the role of accountants has changed.

Build communication with current employees, it is also important for management to provide transparent information about how the accounting profession is developing. As much as possible, keep your employees from worrying about redefining their roles, by explaining the impact and what is currently happening. Surely this will build a good relationship which is built on trust.

For accountants, ensure you have a solid grasp of the skills needed to develop as a modern accountant by dedicating time to addressing the newer elements of your job function in the industry.

What's more, by discussing how technological innovation has transformed the industry with accountants, companies will show that they have adopted a mindset that is more advanced than competitors, attracts new talent who is eager to learn, and puts the company above your competitors. In an era of digital dependence, this will go a long way toward attracting and retaining the best employees.

Set Targets and Give Your Employees the Right  Tools to Exceed Them

Today, accountants need a wide range of skills to succeed, with more emphasis on proficiency in personal communication and technology than ever before.

As they learn new skills, such as presentations, project management, and relationship building, you also need to evaluate what future accountants will need to develop more. You also have to plan how the employees can enjoy the new things they are doing.

One of the most effective ways to attract and retain top talent is to provide a clear career development and training path. The challenge faced by many companies, especially in the accounting department, is that middle-level employees are often disappointed when they get promoted.

Once you've clearly defined accountants' success, make sure they have the tools  they need to get there. For example, adopting cloud accounting  technology will make it easier for them to carry out accounting records more efficiently, such as using cloud-based accounting software, for example, Accurate Online.

As time goes by, accountants will become more familiar with technology and that is a sure thing in the 4.0 industrial revolution. Invest them in training or seminars that help them feel confident in what they are going to do. Also introduce them to new things in business like artificial intelligence and bots.

In the hiring process, be mindful of the various skills required to meet targets, and consider looking above standard talent, beyond the qualifications of a typical accountant. this is to build a company with the right mix of expertise.

Ultimately, if management does not organize their employees to progress and thrive, and empower them with the right talents, the company is at great risk of losing them.

Make Sure your Accountants Feel their Workforce is Valued and Motivated

The key to success for any company is hiring the right people with the right skills, and providing a culture that allows them to thrive. Focus on bringing digital knowledge and expertise into practice, along with strategic and critical thinking, and creating the right corporate culture to provide an engaging experience for accountants and the entire employee.

To promote a positive company culture, communicate openly with accountants to understand what motivates them in the workplace. In this survey,  47% of respondents said that they had never been asked by their boss about how they could improve their work experience.

Meanwhile, 66% of respondents to the same survey believed that feeling valued is the most important aspect of work. What's more, a positive work experience is important for 92% of employees. This means that companies must be able to respect every accountant and all employees if they want to recruit the best talent and retain all existing human resources.

By providing clear development opportunities, focusing on the needs of accountants and employees, and recruiting new skills, companies can best position themselves to attract, retain and develop the right talent, now and in the future.

Skills that Can Make Money from the Internet

Skills that Can Make Money from the Internet

Money from the internet is one of the popular topics that many people are looking for.  How this cannot happen, it provides an easy way to earn income.  With only internet facilities and gadgets, we can get money.  Who doesn't want to?

It is true that we can make money from these two capitals.  It is just that, both are supporting only features.  What is really needed and plays an important role is skill.  Which many people do not understand.  With some skills that we master, it is not impossible to earn money from the Internet.

Then what skills can make money from internet?  There are many.  This is some of them.

#Graphic Design

Graphic design services such as logos, social media banners, or web design can be used to make money from the Internet.  Certainly, the trick is by selling the design services that we have.

There are lots of ways to sell design services.  The easiest is probably through social media.  For example, by creating Instagram and marketing these design services.

Another way is to exploit marketplace sites like Fiverr.  There are many services we can sell on Fiverr and one of them is Design Services.  The working system is similar to a market such as Shopian or Bukalpak.  It's just that what we sell on Fiverr is not a product but a service.

Therefore, we first create a stall (if called Figs jigs) to offer our services.  Then if anyone is interested, they will order our services.  Then we order and when it is finished, they will pay.  Well, one of the most popular services on Fiverr is this graphic design service.

Apart from Fiverr, there are other marketplaces such as Fastwork.  The difference is, if Fiverr is a foreign marketplace and speaks English, then Fastwork is the Indonesian marketplace and certainly in Indonesian.  The working system is similar.

The next way to make money from the internet is to upload your designs to a microstock site like Creative Market or Shutterstock.  When someone buys our designs, we will get royalties from there.

#Create Videos

If you can make videos, the way to make money on the Internet will become even easier.  Who doesn't know youtube?  Currently Youtube is possibly the most popular platform for video sharing.

So, if you can make a video, there is no harm in trying to create a channel on Youtube.  It is not easy to get audience there.  However, if you can make videos continuously, it is not impossible that the channel will be large.  If the channel is large and can display advertisements, the channel can become a source of income from the Internet.

Apart from YouTube, earning money from videos can also be achieved through Facebook.  The concept is similar to Youtube.  When the videos we upload meet the demonetization requirements and can display advertisements, it can also make money.


On the Internet, there are many ways to earn money from writing.  First, through the blog.  Through a blog like Blogger or WordPress, we can present interesting and useful writing.  With that kind of content, we can bring a lot of visitors to our blog.  Therefore, from many supporters, we can display advertisements so that our blogs can generate money.

Apart from blogs, we can also earn money by sending articles to some websites.  One of the two sites that pay the authors is and  give it a try!


Making money from the internet through photography can be done by connecting to microstock sites like Shutterstock.  In addition to the design, Shutterstock also accepts stock photographs.  So, feel free to put an image there.  When someone downloads, we will be paid as royalty.

#Data Entry

Data entry is probably one of the things most people can do.  If you have the capability in this area, then there is nothing wrong in trying to deliver services on the market site.  On Fiverr or Fastwork, for example, there is a lot of search for data entry services.

 In addition to these two marketplaces, data entry projects can also be found in other marketplaces such as or

Those are some skills that we can sell on the Internet to make money.  Apart from the above skills, there are actually many other skills that we can sell.  Maybe next time I will rewrite it.

For those of you who are already proficient in the above skills, there is nothing wrong in trying to make money from the internet.  But those who do not have the skills, do not worry.  Try to learn some skills to learn so that you can sell them as well.  It is not too late as long as we still have the will.  Good luck!

Cheap and Quality Online Graphic Design Courses

Cheap and Quality Online Graphic Design Courses

Currently, an all-online system is entering almost all sectors.  One of them is in the world of teaching and learning.  Many digital platforms that offer online courses are easy to find.

One of the learning disciplines that is in great demand is graphic design.  There are quite enthusiastic people to master graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.  Of course this is because the need for graphic designers is quite high at the moment.

Fortunately, many of these digital platforms provide currency at significantly cheaper prices.  Only by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, we can study graphic design from basic to advanced level in advance.  Although cheap, these online courses provide quality content.  Some platforms also facilitate counseling after the class is over.  This is definitely very useful for participants who want to strengthen their graphic design skills.

Then, what are these cheap and quality online graphic design courses?  This is some of them.

Hey academy

Haye Academy is a website set up by Yoko Bomb, a graphic design freelancer.  This website focuses on providing various online courses in the field of graphic design.  This website claims to have managed to sell around five thousand online courses.

The interesting thing about Hey Academy is that apart from providing graphic design courses, they also offer courses to make money through graphic design.  Of course it is very useful for anyone wanting to develop a career in graphic design.

In addition, Hay Academy also offers special groups for each course.  The group consists of graphic field experts and students.  This is definitely very useful if you want a consultation on the graphic design we are studying.

Some graphic design courses from Hay Academy:

Photoshop for Beginners

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo processing applications.  Having photo processing skills with this software is an added value in itself.  And Hey Academy offers Photoshop courses for beginners.

In this course, they are taught not only to become proficient to use Photoshop, but how to make money with this software.  The price offered is also quite cheap, IDR 297,000.  It is a one-time payment and can be accessed forever.  This course is quite interesting.

PLR-Ecourse Class A.I.

If the previous one is Adobe Photoshop, then it is Adobe Illustrator.  It is one of the most popular design apps.  Haye Academy is offering this rate at a slightly higher price of IDR 497,000.

Nevertheless, there are many bonuses that can be obtained if you follow this course.  Participants will receive several bonus design templates such as the Supehero Character Kit, Premium Banner Advertising Template, Animal Cartoon Pack, Monster Cartoon Kit, and many more.  In addition, a free website bonus will also be given to course participants.

The special feature of this course is that it has a Private Label Right (PLR) license.  The license allows the buyer to resell.  Isn't it amazing?

Logo design class

If in the PLR-Ecourse AI class, it includes the basics of Adobe Illustrator, then the participants in this logo design class get even more specific content, which is about logo design, of course.

The price of this exchange is IDR 297,500.  This is quite cheap as participants will also get various logo templates that can be used for design projects.

Fiverr class

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance sites today.  And Hey Academy created a syllabus about the stage.  In that class, you will be taught how to join Fiverr so that you can earn money from there.  The content starts from the basic to the advanced level.  The exchange is valued at Rp 297,000.  This includes design template materials and bonuses.

It is bare offers only one course, named Online Learning Icon Design Class.  In this class, participants will receive materials on icon design, how to make and sell them.

This class itself is called Rizki Kurniawan Darsono or often Kang Kikur.  He is the founder of Inipagi, a digital agency whose members are creative friends who focus on creating icons, pictures and interface designs.

The icon design course at Innisailar is priced at IDR 600,000.  But if you use "INISELASAR50" coupon, you will get 50% off.  It is the cheapest, especially when you pay once and you will get access to the content forever.  In addition, if you participate in this course, you will be given a bonus and a special group along with other participants.

Digital odd class

Ode Digital Class is a website that offers digital products including online graphic design courses.  The main product is the Jago AI class which costs only Rp 99,999.  Imagine, Adobe Illustrator classes are priced at only one hundred thousand and one rupee.  Extraordinary!

Nevertheless, these courses are not cheap.  Because it provides the basics of Adobe Illustrator for practicing with AI.  Apart from this, various bonuses are also given: Moslem Character Kit, Logo Kit, Girl Sticker Pack and others.

They are some cheap and quality online graphic design courses.  You can try to follow these courses to enhance your skills.  Who knows that one day you can make money from graphic design and will pave the way for your success from there.