Small And Beautiful Place In Rawala

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Friends today inside this blog we People The Very Small and Beautiful Place In Rawala's,

Then we decided to visit the area.

Today we will visit the area and have a little discussion about some of its special places,

So let's move on to your blog.

The Very Small And Beautiful Place In Rawala

  1. The area is located in Sriganganagar district|
  2. We had this place at 5:00 a.m. ,
  3. We reached here at around 7: 00 a.m.
  4. It took us 2 hours.
  5. And we adored this area spread over about 15 hundred acres|
  6. Even after being such a small area, we have seen a lot of growth here.
  7. People who live here love cleanliness|
  8. It has been identified with paved drains next to people's homes.,
  9. There has been very reasonable management for drainage.
  10. It's great to have people living here.
  11. And the people here have a lot of plantations on the day.,
  12. We see a lot of greenery in this place.

The Very Small Park In Rawala

  1. It is spread over about 100 acres.
  2. But the most special thing we found here was that the plantations in this park were very high.
  3. And it has also been maintained very carefully.
  4. Which is why we got to see so much cleanliness here and so much more. ,
  5. He said: 'it was a very sad day for me.
  6. There were some people who were visiting the park.
  7. And some people even came to visit here
  8. This area is very small in view.

The Very Beautiful School In Rawala

  1. We also got to see some of the schools that we visited.
  2. And we were very good because the schools here were very well positioned.
  3. That boosts the school's performance even more.
  4. In addition, cold water was also arranged for the students.
  5. It was very good in these schools.
  6. There was also sunshine in these schools on which students could sit.
  7. If you ever come to this place, don't look at the school of this place.

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