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The Very Smallest Place In Laukhwali

Monday, February 22, 2021

Inside this blog of friends today we are gonna talk about the Smallest Place In Laukhwali name of friends Laukhwali,

So you will all hear it is located in Hanumangarh district friends it is very small location

But there has been a lot of growth here.,

We move on and visit this village.

The Very Smallest Place In Laukhwali

  1. If you live in Rajasthan, you have heard the name of this place before. ,
  2. It is located in Hanumangarh district, 40 km west of Hanumangarh district|
  3. As I have told you before, this village is very small.
  4. But there has been a lot of growth. ,
  5. That this space could be very developed in the coming time
  6. A large government school has been set up in the area where local children go to study.
  7. Also on <url> too many such developments here,
  8. What we're going to do next| 
  9. The Indira Gandhi canal is an area on its edge.

The  Biggest Goverment School In Laukhwali

  1. As I have told you before.,
  2. There is also a school in which local children come to read here
  3. The school is spread over about 10 acres, and the school also has a small nursery.,
  4. All the trees are planted.
  5. The school also has a light yellow colour so it's great to see.
  6. The school also has 15 rooms with a large hall.,
  7. There are also 15 teachers who teach children. ,
  8. There is also a proper system here so that children can play very comfortably here.
  9. There is also an anganwadi where young children are taught.
  10. All children can get nutrition

The Biggest Highway In Laukhwali

  1. One of them is this motorway.
  2. A highway from lakhuvali to Pilibanga runs 40 kilometres.
  3. The road is inaugurated by lakhuvali. ,
  4. This highway has recently been repaired.
  5. Local residents use the same road for traffic
  6. We also have a lot of buses here.,
  7. The transport situation here is very strong.

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