What Is KhataBook And How To Use Khatabook

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All of you will have heard about the account book so it is currently being used by very many people.

And the number of using it is growing very rapidly.   It is an application that allows us to protect the information of our book accounts. We will be talking about every little thing in our blog about the khatabuk application.

So let's go ahead and learn how we can run this application. Let's move on now.

What Is KhataBook And How To Use KhataBook

This is primarily used to protect book accounts.With this application, we can protect our customers ' accounts very easily.

And through this application, we can also send our customers a photo of their account book so that your customers can remember everything. A lot of people used this application as it came into the market and adored those using this application. Because we get to see a lot of features in this application.

That makes our work very easy. You will find information on how to use this application.

How To Install KhaBook Application

The account book application will get us to look at a lot of platforms from which we can install this application very easily. You first have to go inside the Play Store. After going inside the Play Store you first need to search in the search bar.

You have to install that application.

It is different for both mobile and computer. You first have to go to your Chrome browser if you want to install it for your computer. After you go to the browser, you have to write the application there.

After that you will get to see a lot of results before you go to any of them and you can install it very easily. By following this process, you can install the account book ç very easily.

How To Sign Up In KhataBook

After installing this application, you have to open the application.

After you open the application, you will be asked to select your language in front of you, first of all you need to select the language in which you want to run the accountbook application.

Once you register the mobile number, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, you will need to enter that OTP into your application.

How To Connect People In KhataBook

If you have installed the account book application for the first time, you will not know how we can add our customers inside the account book application| 

After clicking on the plus icon you have to click on the plus icon that will save the mobile number in your mobile.

After doing so, all the people will be added to your account book application and then you can send them photos of your account book very easily.

What Features Do We Get To See Inside The Khatabook

We, the people, account book application, inside of the lots feature to view tend to find| us in this application, the inside of your transactions according to the book very easily can| because the people said, We have borrowed from the| all of those information, we make this application to find| but also for us here at the Sarah data filling will and his help later we very easily can know| that the Qin-What people liked our borrowed from the IS| and what people liked our lending Squared is turned.

It got me to see the biggest features of it.

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