Best Accounting Programs for Startup Businesses

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Best Accounting Programs for Startup Businesses

When you build a company, you have to carry out the accounting process for business continuity. Maybe you are trying to avoid dealing with numbers on a business or you don't know how to use and operate an Excel sheet.

You don't need to be afraid of Numbers. You can be good at processing numbers, making, and understanding financial reports. In making financial reports, use an accounting program that suits your business needs.

In starting a business, you have to consider the sales, capital, and expenses in day-to-day operations. When there is a flow of sales to your company, you need to record transactions, such as accounts receivable and payable in a general ledger.

As a start-up, you'll be busy hiring, finding a good office, dealing with permits, setting up a business, and keeping track of sales. The last thing on your mind is examining the pile of receipts, invoices, bills, and expenses on your desk.

You don't need to worry anymore if you use an accounting program that can handle all of these accounting processes. In a day, there may be hundreds of transactions taking place, you have several options such as processing through Excel , but the fastest and most efficient way to handle accounting is to use an accounting program.

#Benefits of the Accounting Program

For start-up business people with limited human and financial resources, you may need to double up as an impromptu accountant or do bookkeeping. To facilitate this, it is recommended to use an accounting program to record transactions.

With the bookkeeping process, you can understand cash flow in real-time. In order to make effective and efficient bookkeeping, you must be familiar with the various accounting software that has been selected for use in business. Thus, in this article, we will outline the best accounting programs for startups.

#4 Benefits of Accounting Software

Benefits of having Accounting Software

  • Automatically calculates journal entries for the Balance Sheet and Income Statement.
  • You can easily transfer data to your Accountants and Auditors.
  • The accountant program has features and functions that are useful for analyzing business and performing financial analysis. It can also provide advice on the financial performance of your business.
  • Your journal entries, drafts, invoices, and financial reports can be automatically printed in a good and professional format. This can be used by your accountant or for the auditor to read.

How to Choose the Best Accounting Software?

There are various accounting software that can be used for your accounting needs. The 3 main types of accounting programs are listed below.

1. Integrated Database Accounting Program

This type of system is used by multi-million dollar companies or large corporations and corporations. Data is more secure because companies need to have large databases to install this type of software.

Device ERP Oracle included in this category. One needs to recruit systems experts and systems consultants to install and get this type of software operational in your company.

Basically, this type of software can handle financial management, more complex tasks, large networks and complex accounting functions.
  • Target: Large companies, banks, multinational companies
  • Advantages: Flexibility, Security, Ability to handle complex accounting tasks
  • Weaknesses: Expensive, High Cost for Maintenance.

#2. Desktop Accounting Program

In areas where internet connections are slow and limited, businesses can take advantage of accounting software on CD or DVD that you need to install on your desktop or laptop.

Target: Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Advantages: Easy to install, most accountants can use it
Cons: Difficult to customize, difficult to use in many locations, limited number of PCs that can use the software due to manufacturer restrictions, data is only available on your computer or laptop and is not available online and cannot be shared online with others

#3. Cloud Accounting Program

This accounting software is available online and data can be accessed via the Internet or Cloud. An example of a cloud type accounting software is Accurate Online.

Target: SMEs, startups, and medium businesses
Advantages: Cheaper, your data is available online and can be accessed anytime and anywhere, you can link it with your bank account
Weaknesses : Requires socialization in terms of functionality, requires an internet connection.


Choose an accounting program that suits your business needs. Research, study and try the best-featured accounting software for your business now, and as your business grows bigger.

Accounting software is essential to the continuity and effectiveness of your business and makes numbers easier to manage and easier to understand. By making use of accounting software, you can create more professional and comprehensive financial reports that are indispensable in any business.

For startups, Accurate Online is the best choice. You can try Accurate Online for free for 30 days to learn about its full features.

Accurate Online is a cloud-based accounting program that allows you to easily create and manage financial reports anywhere and anytime. Of course, you can use Accurate Online on any device, not only on your computer in your office.

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