Cheap and Quality Online Graphic Design Courses

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Cheap and Quality Online Graphic Design Courses

Currently, an all-online system is entering almost all sectors.  One of them is in the world of teaching and learning.  Many digital platforms that offer online courses are easy to find.

One of the learning disciplines that is in great demand is graphic design.  There are quite enthusiastic people to master graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.  Of course this is because the need for graphic designers is quite high at the moment.

Fortunately, many of these digital platforms provide currency at significantly cheaper prices.  Only by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, we can study graphic design from basic to advanced level in advance.  Although cheap, these online courses provide quality content.  Some platforms also facilitate counseling after the class is over.  This is definitely very useful for participants who want to strengthen their graphic design skills.

Then, what are these cheap and quality online graphic design courses?  This is some of them.

Hey academy

Haye Academy is a website set up by Yoko Bomb, a graphic design freelancer.  This website focuses on providing various online courses in the field of graphic design.  This website claims to have managed to sell around five thousand online courses.

The interesting thing about Hey Academy is that apart from providing graphic design courses, they also offer courses to make money through graphic design.  Of course it is very useful for anyone wanting to develop a career in graphic design.

In addition, Hay Academy also offers special groups for each course.  The group consists of graphic field experts and students.  This is definitely very useful if you want a consultation on the graphic design we are studying.

Some graphic design courses from Hay Academy:

Photoshop for Beginners

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo processing applications.  Having photo processing skills with this software is an added value in itself.  And Hey Academy offers Photoshop courses for beginners.

In this course, they are taught not only to become proficient to use Photoshop, but how to make money with this software.  The price offered is also quite cheap, IDR 297,000.  It is a one-time payment and can be accessed forever.  This course is quite interesting.

PLR-Ecourse Class A.I.

If the previous one is Adobe Photoshop, then it is Adobe Illustrator.  It is one of the most popular design apps.  Haye Academy is offering this rate at a slightly higher price of IDR 497,000.

Nevertheless, there are many bonuses that can be obtained if you follow this course.  Participants will receive several bonus design templates such as the Supehero Character Kit, Premium Banner Advertising Template, Animal Cartoon Pack, Monster Cartoon Kit, and many more.  In addition, a free website bonus will also be given to course participants.

The special feature of this course is that it has a Private Label Right (PLR) license.  The license allows the buyer to resell.  Isn't it amazing?

Logo design class

If in the PLR-Ecourse AI class, it includes the basics of Adobe Illustrator, then the participants in this logo design class get even more specific content, which is about logo design, of course.

The price of this exchange is IDR 297,500.  This is quite cheap as participants will also get various logo templates that can be used for design projects.

Fiverr class

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance sites today.  And Hey Academy created a syllabus about the stage.  In that class, you will be taught how to join Fiverr so that you can earn money from there.  The content starts from the basic to the advanced level.  The exchange is valued at Rp 297,000.  This includes design template materials and bonuses.

It is bare offers only one course, named Online Learning Icon Design Class.  In this class, participants will receive materials on icon design, how to make and sell them.

This class itself is called Rizki Kurniawan Darsono or often Kang Kikur.  He is the founder of Inipagi, a digital agency whose members are creative friends who focus on creating icons, pictures and interface designs.

The icon design course at Innisailar is priced at IDR 600,000.  But if you use "INISELASAR50" coupon, you will get 50% off.  It is the cheapest, especially when you pay once and you will get access to the content forever.  In addition, if you participate in this course, you will be given a bonus and a special group along with other participants.

Digital odd class

Ode Digital Class is a website that offers digital products including online graphic design courses.  The main product is the Jago AI class which costs only Rp 99,999.  Imagine, Adobe Illustrator classes are priced at only one hundred thousand and one rupee.  Extraordinary!

Nevertheless, these courses are not cheap.  Because it provides the basics of Adobe Illustrator for practicing with AI.  Apart from this, various bonuses are also given: Moslem Character Kit, Logo Kit, Girl Sticker Pack and others.

They are some cheap and quality online graphic design courses.  You can try to follow these courses to enhance your skills.  Who knows that one day you can make money from graphic design and will pave the way for your success from there.

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