Skills that Can Make Money from the Internet

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Skills that Can Make Money from the Internet

Money from the internet is one of the popular topics that many people are looking for.  How this cannot happen, it provides an easy way to earn income.  With only internet facilities and gadgets, we can get money.  Who doesn't want to?

It is true that we can make money from these two capitals.  It is just that, both are supporting only features.  What is really needed and plays an important role is skill.  Which many people do not understand.  With some skills that we master, it is not impossible to earn money from the Internet.

Then what skills can make money from internet?  There are many.  This is some of them.

#Graphic Design

Graphic design services such as logos, social media banners, or web design can be used to make money from the Internet.  Certainly, the trick is by selling the design services that we have.

There are lots of ways to sell design services.  The easiest is probably through social media.  For example, by creating Instagram and marketing these design services.

Another way is to exploit marketplace sites like Fiverr.  There are many services we can sell on Fiverr and one of them is Design Services.  The working system is similar to a market such as Shopian or Bukalpak.  It's just that what we sell on Fiverr is not a product but a service.

Therefore, we first create a stall (if called Figs jigs) to offer our services.  Then if anyone is interested, they will order our services.  Then we order and when it is finished, they will pay.  Well, one of the most popular services on Fiverr is this graphic design service.

Apart from Fiverr, there are other marketplaces such as Fastwork.  The difference is, if Fiverr is a foreign marketplace and speaks English, then Fastwork is the Indonesian marketplace and certainly in Indonesian.  The working system is similar.

The next way to make money from the internet is to upload your designs to a microstock site like Creative Market or Shutterstock.  When someone buys our designs, we will get royalties from there.

#Create Videos

If you can make videos, the way to make money on the Internet will become even easier.  Who doesn't know youtube?  Currently Youtube is possibly the most popular platform for video sharing.

So, if you can make a video, there is no harm in trying to create a channel on Youtube.  It is not easy to get audience there.  However, if you can make videos continuously, it is not impossible that the channel will be large.  If the channel is large and can display advertisements, the channel can become a source of income from the Internet.

Apart from YouTube, earning money from videos can also be achieved through Facebook.  The concept is similar to Youtube.  When the videos we upload meet the demonetization requirements and can display advertisements, it can also make money.


On the Internet, there are many ways to earn money from writing.  First, through the blog.  Through a blog like Blogger or WordPress, we can present interesting and useful writing.  With that kind of content, we can bring a lot of visitors to our blog.  Therefore, from many supporters, we can display advertisements so that our blogs can generate money.

Apart from blogs, we can also earn money by sending articles to some websites.  One of the two sites that pay the authors is and  give it a try!


Making money from the internet through photography can be done by connecting to microstock sites like Shutterstock.  In addition to the design, Shutterstock also accepts stock photographs.  So, feel free to put an image there.  When someone downloads, we will be paid as royalty.

#Data Entry

Data entry is probably one of the things most people can do.  If you have the capability in this area, then there is nothing wrong in trying to deliver services on the market site.  On Fiverr or Fastwork, for example, there is a lot of search for data entry services.

 In addition to these two marketplaces, data entry projects can also be found in other marketplaces such as or

Those are some skills that we can sell on the Internet to make money.  Apart from the above skills, there are actually many other skills that we can sell.  Maybe next time I will rewrite it.

For those of you who are already proficient in the above skills, there is nothing wrong in trying to make money from the internet.  But those who do not have the skills, do not worry.  Try to learn some skills to learn so that you can sell them as well.  It is not too late as long as we still have the will.  Good luck!

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