Add Me to Search: Create a virtual card of Google and become famous by bringing your name in Google Search

Have you ever Google yourself?

I can bet. You must have done it and have regretted seeing the search results. Because, none of your information was shown by Google. This happened to me too.

But, you don't have to regret it anymore. Because, Google has launched a new feature raising the principle of equality. By which everyone will now come to Google on searching like celebrity, businessman and rahiso on Google.

The name of this new feature is Google's People Cards.

Yes! Only through this People cards will you be able to add yourself to the search result and come to Google. You can also identify this card by the name Google Virtual Card and Add me to Search.

What is Add me to Google Search?

This is a virtuel visiting card. In which you share information other than own name. In addition to contacts, social media profiles, websites/blogs, locations and job titles are prominent. This service is also called People Card and Search Card.

In fact, right now, Google only shows the names of actors, businessmen, sportsmen, politicians, etc. If someone gets their name from these gentlemen, they won't get their name anywhere on Google.

This is where the problem begins. Everyone wants their identity. In order to cater to the needs of the people, Google has taken a solution to this problem with the VirtUL visiting card. This virtual visiting card is named” People card “or” add me to search".

This virtualcard from Google looks like this. I made this People card myself.

Google has to say about this:

“Today, the snow in Samson, after the people of card to do the Great Hall, taxes, getting to yes. Here's a virtual visiting cards, hog, where is, with any website, or social media profiles of the group, after showing up page, as well as at the corners of additional information on the V showing up can let me since about a low spout the comments are said, when they want to let me.”

The people Card will be beneficial for freelancers, business professionals, artists, influencers, journalists, job hunters and anyone who wants to have their own online presence.

Now you have learned about the Google virtualcard. Come on, Know How to make your own Google People card or say how to make Google virtuale visiting card?

How to Create a People Card Step by Steps Fully Explained 

Step: #1 – Open Google apps

First go to the Google app installed on your Android smartphone and tap on it with a finger. So that the apps are launched.

Step: # 2-search by typing add me to search

Now type “add me to search” in the search bar and do the search.

Step: #3 – tap Get started

You'll have some kind of screen in front of you. From here, you tap the “Get started” button on the right. So that the process of creating a People card starts.

Step: #4-Your Information

A form will open before you after tapping Get Started. In which the required fields will come up and the fields with optional information will be open below.

You need to accurately fill in all the information requested (required fields). These fields include these information.

  • Name
  • Location
  • About
  • Job

Once you've filled in, Go to the optional fields to add additional information and share the additional information you want with the public. It contains this information.

  • Work
  • Education
  • Hometown
  • Website
  • Social profiles
  • Email
  • Phone number

Google gives you free access to add the following profiles to social media profiles.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • SoundCloud
  • Twitter

Note-you will fill most of the information yourself. However, the phone number and email address will be taken from your Google account. You can't change them. To change, you need to change your Google account.

Step: #5 See and publish

After filling in the above information, check the preview of the card before publishing it. Tap Preview to do so.

When, after you are satisfied with the information provided. Submit your virtuale visiting card by tapping Save. You'll get a “Success” message when you save.

Congratulations! Your digital visiting card is ready. Which, you can see by typing your own name in Google search.

Some Important Things to keep in Mind when creating People Cards

  • This card will only work on mobile devices and can only be created through the Google search mobile app. Therefore, it would be a waste of time to try it on a desktop app or computer.
  • The Google virtualcard or people Card will serve as a digital visiting card. Which anyone will be able to see in the Google app by typing your name.
  • Fill in the correct and own information requested when creating this card. Don't make the mistake of matching other people and popular names. Otherwise, your people Card will die before it is created.
  • To protect yourself from popular people, be sure to use professions or job titles next to the name. Like; your name is” Wasim Akram " which comes from Pakistani cricketer. Therefore, to protect yourself from this name, you can write “ Wasim Akram blog” or “Wasim Akram writer”.


In this article I told you about Google cards. You know what Google's new service Add Me to Search is and how to create your own virtuall Google card through it?

Together you learned what to keep in mind when creating a Google People card.

I hope you like this information very much and will be useful to you.

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