How to Use Snapseed App Photo Editing Application?

Snapseed App is a good option if we are looking for an app for editing photos. This is a photo editing app with lots of tools provided through which we can easily apply effect in photo and make photo effective.

Snapseed includes 29 tools and filter, including Healing brush, RAW Develop, Tune image, Details, Crop, Rotate, Perspective, White Balance, Brush, etc.

Download Snapseed App:-

Install Snapseed in the PlayStore

1. After installing the App, open it.The interface looks like this.
After installing the App, open it.The interface looks like this.

2. Now let's click on the plus sign in which the gallary of our android phone is open .
3. From which we select a photo that has to be edited.The interface looks like this-

From which we select a photo that has to be edited.The interface looks like this-

3. There are styles , tools , export options –
4. Change the color of the photo in Styles option is black and white.
5. Clicking in Tools option gives us some interface like this-
6. It has several types of tools like-

It has several types of tools like-

Tune image-select Brightness, Ambiance, Contrast, Saturation, Shadows, and Warmthset in the image through tune inmage. And as soon as I select which one option, I move left-right from the finger in the image so that the photo is set according to the selected option, I click on the right tick below to save.

Curve: - curve option can increase or decrease the brightness of the image. And change the RGB color image.

White balance: - the color of the image can be made balance.

Crop: - photo is cropped by crop. Cut or crop the photo as much as we can.

Rotate: - rotate the image with the rotate option.

Perspective: - through the perspective option, you can rotate the image and move it up and down to the right left.

Expand: - with the expand option, you can set the background of the image to black & white and smart. smart sets the background as image.

Select: - Select image by selecting image to reduce brightness.  For this, swipe the slider at the top of the screen with a finger left or right.

Brushe: - with the brushe option, the brush is provided for the image by which the brightness can be more or less increased. Swipe left or right to adjust the value.

Vintage: - Select Brightness, Saturation, Texture Strength, Center Size, and Style with the vintage option and swipe the top slider left or right to adjust Velu.

Drama: - select Filter Strength and Saturation through drama option and swipe left or right to adjust the Value.

HDR scape: - HDR scape option allows you to set Filter Strength, Brightness, Saturation, and Smoothing and after selecting, swipe left or right to adjust the Value.

Text: - Text option has several types of text font which can be applied in Image.

Frame: - frame option can apply frame to image. There are several types of frames available.

Vignette: - vignette option sets outer brightness and inner brightness.

Double Exposure:- use image in background through this option. In which we can light the colour dark and blure the image.

Blure: - you can blure the image with blure option.  It has Blur Strength, Transition and Vignette Strength options. Select which you can adjust by swiping left and right on the screen.

Thus using a variety of tools in the image, they click on the export option and save the image. In this way, you can share the image anywhere by making it effective.


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